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Eventoh Exhibition management INTERNATIONAL is an events organizing company. With a humble start Our Company has flourished with leaps and bounds. We have efficiently managed to branch out into varied dominions like organizing events such as circus, stunt shows, laser shows, canivals and fairs. We also present exhibitions, concerts, functions and street festivals. We have travelling International Circus’s, 30,000sqm of Indoor tent Exhibition, more than one type of seating galleries and a variety of Stunt Shows. We are skilled to design and create power packed and exciting programs for our global audience.The Company travel with International Circus in China, Singapore, HongKong, Malaysia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and held circuses during Dubai Shopping Festival in every year since 1998. We organized

Monte Carlo Circus Great Vegas Show Latino Circus Jumbo Circus Russian State Circus International Star Circus
Mexican Circus Diana Orfe Circus Royal London Circus Diana Orfe Circus Italian Circus Mongolian Circus

with all this knowledge in the circus world, We are the best to organize the best shows in the earth. We are forever dedicated to present the best of shows, displays and spectacular Acts brought from various Countries worldwide after solicitous selection. The attractive blend of creativity, variety of world class shows and the International spirit offered by our Exclusive talent gives a new dimension to our Management and we are highly regarded as one of the best in the industry. Our main aspiration is to bring joy and pleasure to our viewers. In order to meet our desire to bring delight To our valued spectators we relentlessly seek out for potent line up of unique and striking talent. We especially focus on innovation and change to spur our earnest attempt to bring them to the forefront of the market.

Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

The last few years have brought both challenge and change for Eventoh Exhibition Management. We adopted a corporate structure that allows us to be a more entertainment competitive business and market player. The ongoing economic and social changes have required the focused attention of all our attenders to improve performance and position us for success no matter what kind of event we make.  We’ve made excellent progress, but we have more to do. We will continue to take decisive action to strengthen and grow our company in a sustainable way.

Today Eventoh Exhibition Management wonderfully reshaped into one of the best entertainment market. All we need is our clients trust, and to convince them that we bring him the best to where he is .

This recognition reflects our commitment of doing what it takes to reach the always rising bar for sustainability performance within the regional and international markets.

Our people will continue to be the driving force behind our success and growth. We proudly believe that the future of our concerts, events, exhibitions, shows, and rides depends on the way in which Eventoh Exhibition Management cares for every single person who visit us.

General's Manager Message


Welcome to the world of fun and happiness. The management of Eventoh Exhibition Management company would like to welcome you in our special and exclusive world that adds a special flavor and a taste to fun, and non-end entertainment. With us you will find laughter, exuberance and joy. In a relatively short period of time, Eventoh Exhibition Management has grown to become a specialised and diversified events,exhibitions, shows,and entertainment company based in Dubai, focusing on Middle East,and GCC entertainment in the market. we are a firm that lives our life with creative parameters of event management in its various shapes and forms. Indeed, we live up to our name by exuberating passion in directing designing and executing clients event needs in to a reality.Over the past decade, we have built up a strong record and considerable experience in all aspects of our diversified service offerings complete spectrum of public entertainment.

Our experience and organizational skills, which are appreciated by governments in the region and elsewhere and top business organizations, have made us the first choice. We offer you the knowledge, service and professionalism that we built over one and half decades of combined event management services. We also offer competitive pricing and unparalleled services. We are committed to producing world-class events.

We believe that "Unhappiness lies in that gap between talents and expectations". But we assure that our talent and professionalism will cater your entertainment expectation and ultimately will bring you a great happiness. Enjoy our shows and let go your dreams as we bring to you a world filled with joy , fun and excitement, to let your fantasy stunt and turn your world into a fun filled with experience.


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